International Traditional Karate-Do Tournament Irkutsk 2017

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On behalf of the All-Russian Traditional Karate Federation we are pleased to invite you to the first International Traditional Karate-Do Tournament in Russia to be held on 15-16 April 2017 in Irkutsk city.

The most impressive event we invite you to take part in will be the International Team Kumite Cup “Kumite Evolution”. Each national team (one team for country, Russia has two) is to be composed of 7 athletes. The youngest is born in 2008 or later, the eldest are two adults, male and female. The partici- pants compete in 5 consecutive types of Kumite beginning with long-distance Kikhon Kumite for kids and finishing with Shobu-Ippon Kumite matches. The details at length you’ll find in the official regulations. The purpose of these uncommon form of competition is to demonstrate the Educational in Traditional Karate- Do, the evolution of mastery which becomes an evolution of self. We want to show those great depth and consistency which characterize our system of self-development, the step-by-step process leading to the ul- timate goal – the level of mastery making it possible to win without fight.

The “Kumite Evolution” Cup will be held on the 2nd day of the tournament (16th of April), and on the first day there will be a competition for all age groups in all WTKF disciplines including Team Kata and Enbu. The programme for children is the same as at the World Traditional Karate Children Cup. Also there’ll be competition in Kumite for children. We use several consecutive stages of training Kumite described at length in the official regulations. The Organizing Committee will be pleased if you’ll take part in this part of competition as well.

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