WTKF Ambassadors won the gold medal on 8th KWF World Cup

On September 28 to October 1, 2017 the WTKF representatives from Poland and Czech Republic took part in the seminar and World Cup organized by Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) on Malta.

The seminar was conducted by Mikio Yahara Sensei – the President of Karatenomichi World Federation. More than 400 karatekas from 36 countries participated in this event. Witold Kwieciński – the member of WTKF delegation, repeated medallist of World and European championships, said after the seminar: “I had a great honor to be judged by Mikio Yahara Sensei. It was really motivating.”

On October 1 (Sunday) the KWF World Cup was held. Our representatives won 4 medals! In the final match, after a fierce fight, kumite team from Poland (Wiktor Staszak, Paweł Tomasik and Łukasz Wójcik) took 1st Place by beating kumite team from Japan. Poles won most of fights by ippon.

After the tournament Łukasz Wójcik said: “The tournament was on a very high technical level. There were a lot of fierce fights. I had the opportunity to fight with Masamichi Otsuka the best student of Yahara Sensei.”

Paweł Tomasik won 2nd Place in individual kumite (seniors) and Paweł Janusz took 3rd Place in kumite (veterans category). Polish kata team (Paweł Janusz, Wiktor Staszak and Konrad Irzyk) won 3rd Place.

“This was another new experience. I feel proud that traditional karate-do, which I have been training, is effective on various area. We gained respect in the new karate society, among the athletes and judges.” – summarized Paweł Janusz – member of national team of Poland, repeated medallist of WTKF World and European championships.

The WTKF delegation took part in the event to tighten relationships between World Traditional Karate-Do Federation and Karatenomichi World Federation and to present traditional karate-do on the highest world level.

We are proud of them!

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