Traditional Karate-do Pan-American Championships was a great success!

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The 18. Traditional Karate-do Pan-American Championships took place on November 21-25, 2017 in Lima, Peru. The event was sanctioned by WTKF but organised by Asociación Peruana de Karate Tradicional with the cooperation of the Club de Regatas Lima,  Mr. Guillermo de Vettori and his staff. The tournament became the great success.

The event was dedicated to the memory of Marcos Moron Sensei who passed away in 2015. He was a very talented and awarded karateka, repeated medallist of World and Pan-American Championships.

Eduardo Salas (Wayo Salas) Sensei took the Honorary Patronage of the event. He is a very special person, who had a huge involvement in the organization of the World Traditional Karate Championships which took place in 1990 in Lima, Peru. That tournament was the milestone in the development of traditional karate-do worldwide. During that event Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski Sensei, WTKF President met Hidetaka Nishiyama Sensei for the first time.

In the Pan-American Championships competed athletes from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and USA. The Brazil team proved to be the best. They won 97 medals: 37 gold, 28 silver and 32 brown. The 2nd place was taken by the team from Peru which won 89 medals: 19 gold, 27 silver and 43 brown.

Apart from Pan-American Championships, Lima was also the venue of Intercontinental Kumite Matches. The participants were teams from South America, North America and Peru. The intercontinental tournament was attended by guests from Poland as well. The match in women category was won by the Polish national team, consisting of: Maria Depta, Justyna Marciniak and Klaudia Mleko. The 1st place in man category was also taken by Polish team, its members being: Dawid Rojowski, Michal Sowa and Lukasz Wojcik.

Congratulations to all participants of the tournament! We create a strong community based on the knowledge gained from Hidetaka Nishiyama Sensei.

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