The winter edition of the International Traditional Karate-do Seminar Gasshuku 2018 took place on February 14 to 18, 2018 at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wies in Poland. The seminar gathered 167 participants from the following countries: Austria, Japan, Italy, Poland, Peru, Romania, Serbia and Uruguay.

The trainings were conducted by the very special instructors:

ILIJA JORGA Soke 10 DAN (Serbia) – Founder and Executive President of World Fudokan Federation (WFF),

NELSON CARRION Sensei 7 DAN (Uruguay) – General Secretary of World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), General Director and instructor of Traditional Karate Do Institute (TKI),

WŁODZIMIERZ KWIECIŃSKI Sensei 8 DAN (Poland) – Gasshuku coordinator – President of World Traditional Karate-do Federation (WTKF), Chairman of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland.

The event was also attended by:

  • Chiyomaro Shimoda Sensei – legendary first Japanese karate instructor in Poland and supporter of idea of traditional karate-do development,
  • Vladimir Jorga – President of European Traditional Karate Federation (ETKF),
  • representatives of World Fudokan Federation (WFF): Atti Monia – WFF Vice-president, Igor Gajic – Vice-president of WFF Committee from Serbia, Aleksandar Simic – Executive Secretary and Davide Temporin – competitor from Italy.

International Traditional Karate-do Seminar Winter Gasshuku was an inaugural event of “2018 – year of Sensei Nishiyama’s legacy”. It is a very special time because in this year is the 90th anniversary of Sensei Nishiyama’s birthday and the 10th anniversary of his passing away.

The accompanying event was the Plebiscite for the Best Polish Traditional Athletes 2017 which was held on February 17.

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