III International Traditional Karate-Do Tournament in Russia


On behalf of the Tournament Organizing Committee and the All-Russian Traditional Karate Federation we are proud and honoured to invite all WTKF members to take part in The In- ternational Traditional Karate- Do Tournament Irkutsk 2019 and the International TeamKumite Cup “Kumite Evolution”that will be held on April 20-21, 2019, in Irkutsk (Russia).

Contact information

All communication between National Federations and the T.O.C. until April 19, 2019 should be done through :

– website: www.wtkf-russia.ru

– e-mail: neupokoev_budo@mail.ru, TKIrussia@yandex.ru

– phone: +7 498 602 38 43, +7 903 517 77 77

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