The WTKF board of directors and presidential elections

Dear All,

We are delighted to announce the extraordinary WTKF General Assembly which will be held on Sunday, 14 February 2021 on the ZOOM online software due the COVID-19 pandemic.

We warmly invite you to help shape the future of the WTKF organization.

The Extraordinary General Assembly will start on 14 February (4:00 PM UTC) with the presentation and discussion of all items on the Agenda. Make sure you can participate from the beginning! The Board of Directors will reply to all questions and objections, and, where fits, it will follow up with a proposal at the next General Assembly 2021.

We will send you ZOOM LINK to connect by email.

Votes will only be accepted from members of the WTKF.


  1. Formalities
    • Election of Chairman for the Extraordinary General Assembly
    • Election of Minute Keeper
    • Adoption of the Agenda
  2. Elections of new members of the Board of Directors and WTKF president
  3. Updating of WTKF constitutions
  4. Event calendar for 2021
  5. Other propositions

Contact email address for all inquiries:

A warm thank you for your participation!

Radek Januš, on behalf of the Board of Directors

World Traditional Karate-do Federation
Husinecka 903/10, 130 00, Prague 3, Czech republic

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