Summer Gasshuku 2020

Traditional karate Gasshuku 2020 was held August 12-16, 2020 in Sopot, Poland. Already second time together in cooperation with international organizations World Fudokan Federation, World Traditional Karate-do Federation, World Budo Karate Association. All these organizations established last year the World Traditional Karate-do Union to support each other and to exchange knowledges in traditional karate.

Gasshuku was organized by PZKT/Traditional Karate-do Federation of Poland led by sensei Andrzej Maciejewski.

World top instructor conducted classes for almost 200 participants. Ilja Jorga sensei (Serbia, WTKU president) focus his classes on 2nd Kitei (Higashiyama sensei kitei), because WTKU is going to require this kitei in international WTKU championships. Sensei Krzysztof Neugebauer (Poland, WTKF) and Cornel Musat (Romania, WFF) explain main segments of timing in kumite and foot reaction. We performed bunkai applications in JION kata as well. Santo Torre (Italy) explain body dynamic principle, bunkai applications in Gojushio Sho kata. Because of closed US border sensei. Avi Rokah (USA, WBKA) and sensei Toru Shimoji (USA, WBKA) conducted online classes. Their subjects were timing, foot work and grabbing techniques connected with Heian Nidan Bunkai.

During Gasshuku we discussed competitons rule standardization, very important for cooperation in sport events and competitions.

In time of COVID-19 pandemic, we organized very successful event, respected all healthy requirements to prevent disease. Thank to all participants for support.

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