9th WTKF European Cup – posponed

Due the COVID-19 pandemic and critical situation in many countries, quarantine requests, the 9th European traditional karate-do Cup is posponed to 19th December 2020.

In the European Cup there will compete 8 top men’s and 8 women’s in each age category – cadets, juniors, seniors.

The events schedule is as follows:

18 December (Friday)             Arrival (Officials, Judges, Athletes)

19 December (Saturday)       Morning Preparation, Judge’s refresher course

19 December (Saturday)             9th Traditional Karate European Cup 2020

20 December (Sunday)                    Departure

Please send your recommendations of highly qualified athletes and judges for consideration to be selected for the 2020 European Cup. Recommendations (on the enclosed form) shall be sent by e-mail to secretary@wtkfkarate.org .

Organizer will cover accommodation for Officials, Judges, Athletes (2 nights, Friday-Sunday).


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