Traditional Karate-do seminar in Australia

GOLD COAST, AUS – OCT 04 2015: Aerial view of the Gold Coast in

Canberra seminar 24 – 25 February 2018
Gold Coast seminar 17 – 18 March 2018

The Australian Federation of Traditional Karate (AFTK) seminar was delighted to welcome the World Traditional Karate – Do Federation (WTKF), President Sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński and his son Sensei Witold Kwieciński.

Sensei Kwieciński, said that “WTKF are keen to be working with groups, across the world, who are interested in traditional karate, developing ongoing relationships and committing to continuing education of Karate – do”.

Sensei Kwieciński introduced his presentation by defining traditional karate. Traditional karate is the combination of To-de, Budo and sports science.


To-de or Chinese hand refers to the traditional karate from Okinawa. Ginchin Funakoshi changed the name to Karate – Do. Traditional karate is an art of self-defense, it is more than just self-defense it is the acquisition of mental and physical skills


Budo is not only the physical part of fighting but the self – development of mind and body.

Sports science

Advances in sports science allow us to understand our bodies more and perfect training to minimise injuries, maximise effectiveness and to harmonise the balance and movements. It also provides up to date information on treating injuries.

Sensei Kwieciński introduced to participants the lost kata Sanchin. This was a White Crane kata from Fujian province. Participants had the opportunity to learn and practice some of the techniques in pairs. Jion was also practiced and techniques refined.

Sensei Kwieciński and his son also provided a presentation on the traditional Japanese built Dojo Stara Wieś, in Poland.

Those attending enjoyed both days of the seminar and AFTK acting President, Lester McCormick, thanked all presenters and wished everyone a safe trip home. AFTK are keen to follow this ACT seminar with another in 2019.

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