NEWS: Festival World Karate-Do Renaissance

Festival World Karate-Do Renaissance – special event of the original karate styles, will be held on October 14-15, 2016 in TAURON Arena Cracow (Poland). Mr Lech Wałesa, former President of Poland, Peace Nobel Price recipient, the legend of “Solidarity”, took the Honorary Patronage under the event.

It will be the multistyle karate tournament. More than 3 thousand athletes will compete at the same time and in the same place. The great karate tournaments will be held:

– World Traditional Karate Championships Cracow ORLEN 2016,
– 23th European Fudokan Karate-Do Championship,
– Koshiki karate tournament Super Karatedo WGP,
– World Traditional Karate Children’s Cup.

The tournament will be ended by the ultimate match between the finalists of WTKF World Championships and WFF European Championships. This great finals will be held on October 15 (Sunday) at 3 PM.

“With the new spirit, in Cracow – city of Renaissance we are going to organize multistyle championships to main style of original karate worldwide. The main goal of the Festival under the name of World Karate-Do Renaissance is the event is to built the system of education and development based on the common heritage of original karate styles” – said Mr. Włodzimierz Kwieciński, President of World Traditional Karate-Do Federation.

Moreover, the accompanying event will be the 2nd Scientific BUDO Conference 2016 under the name “Educational value of traditional karate – do” to be held on October 13, 2016 in the Japanese Martial Arts Dojo – Stara Wieś in Poland. The Conference will take place under the patronage of rectors of Jagiellonian University of Cracow and University of Gdańsk. The Centre for East Asian Studies of the University of Gdańsk is a co-organizer of the Conference.

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