Dear Member,

Once again history repeats itself as world interest in karate continues to grow. Of particular interest is the aspect of martial arts that benefits the development of a person’s character.

The New Year 2020 brings with it a golden opportunity to capitalize on the resurgence of interest in Traditional Karate as Budo.

In recent years, many Budo arts, including Karate, have come to be perceived worldwide as just game sports resulting in waning public interest. On the other hand, the lowered perception of Karate as a common sport has also rekindled interest in Karate’s origins as Budo and its value to human development.

Now is the best time for each member federation to promote Traditional Karate in its own country. For this reason, it is necessary for all member federations to re-learn in–depth the original fundamentals and spirit of Traditional Karate based on Budo principles.

The Year 2020 is a year of preparations to implement a new organizational program in honour to preserve the great Traditional Karate history and its contribution to mankind and cooperate all together: World Traditional Karate-do Federation, World Fudokan Federation, World Budo Karate Association and other.

The WTKF expects all member organizations to continue the development of Traditional Karate within their own respective nation, to maintain the momentum of world public interest in Traditional Karate, and to cooperate closely with the WTKF to further the goals shared by all members of the WTKF family.

Together we will be strong. Together we will grow and together we will achieve great things.

On behalf of the World Traditional Karate-do Federation I wish each of you the very best in 2020 and looking forward all Traditional Karate practitioners in international events.



Sincerely Yours,

Volodymyr Savchenko,

President WTKF

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