34th European Traditional Karate-Do Championships WTKF

Czech republic hosted on 9th November in Brno the 34th European Traditional Karate-do Championship. DRFG ARENA with 10 tatami welcomed teams from Austria, Armenia, Czech republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine.

Dr. Volodymyr Savchenko, WTKF president, welcomed all teams and honoured guests. During opening ceremony Dr. Prof. Vladimir Jorga, president of European Traditional Karate Federation emphasized, that the future of traditional karate is in cooperation and traditional karate platform. This platform should respect all traditional karate organizations.

To show the will to cooperate, representatives of  traditional karate federations operated worldwide participated in the event. Tournament supported Mr. Andrej Korolev, Mr. Mihai Apan, Mr. Aleksander Simic, representatives of World Fudokan Federation, Mr. Avi Rokah, technical director of Budo karate, Mr. Vladimir Jorga, president of European Traditional Karate Federation, Mr. Justo Goméz, european ambasador of International Traditional Karate Federation.

We are very excited to see here many traditional karate leaders. We used this opportunity to discuss future of traditional karate. We believe, we will announce very soon a positive message to all traditional karate practitioners”   said Mr. Andrzej Maciejewski, WTKF vicepresident.

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