2015 World Cup

8th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2015, 3rd Intercontinental Kumite Cup

4-7 June 2015 – Stara Wieś (Poland)

On behalf of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF) we are pleased to announce that the 8th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2015 will be held on 5 – 6 June, 2015 in the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś (Poland).

In the World Cup there will compete 8 top men’s and 8 women’s traditional karate athletes selected by the WTKF Technical Committee. During the 2015 World Cup we will host the 3rd Intercontinental Kumite Cup and the kumite teams from USA, Brazil, Japan, Europe and Poland (the Host) are invited to attend in.

photo Marek Andrzejewski

The events schedule is as follows:

4 June (Thursday)

Arrival (Officials, Judges, Athletes)

5 June (Friday)

The WTKF Refreshing Course
8th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2015 – eliminations

6 June (Saturday)

8th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2015 – finals
Karate demonstration
3rd Intercontinental Kumite Cup

7 June (Sunday)




  1. Donald Crowe – Canada
  2. Andrej Demler – Germany
  3. Tigran Gevorgyan – Armenia
  4. Diyar Hojayev – Turkmenistan
  5. Claudio Alejandro Jurado – Argentina
  6. Kuzmin Kirill – Russia
  7. Vladimir Pucha – Ukraine
  8. Ronaldier Rodrigues – Brazil
  9. Damian Stasiak – Poland
  10.  Vojtech Sliva – Czech Republic
  11. Marcus Wenner – USA
  12. Rafał Wajda – Poland


  1. Michelle Cassia – Brazil
  2. Maria Depta – Poland
  3. Zuhrazhan Dzumabayeva – Turkmenistan
  4. Marina Evans – Canada
  5. Kathrin Hubatsch – Germany
  6. Hana Juranova – Czech Republic
  7. Kristina Shevchenko – Ukraine
  8. Natalia Tsarova – Russia
  9. Małgorzata Zabrocka – Poland


All participating athletes and kumite teams will receive cups and also financial rewards will be given to the World Cup athletes (women and men) from the first three places:

1st place – 1.000 USD

2nd place – 650 USD

3rd place– 350 USD

Please send your recommendations of highly qualified athletes and judges for consideration to be selected for the World Cup and recommendations of athletes for the team kumite from Europe. Recommendations (on the enclosed form) shall be sent by e-mail to president@wtkfkarate.org.

Deadline for recommendations: April 15, 2015.


Sincerely Yours,

Włodzimierz Kwieciński


Recommendation form

Click to download

Photos by Witold Kwiecinski

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