We are more than happy to inform that the WTKF delegation took part in the historical event – 1. Okinawa Karate International Tournament which was held on August 1 to 8, 2018 in Okinawa Karate Kaikan in Naha (Okinawa, Japan). In the tournament participated more than 1 700 athletes from 52 countries. WTKF was represented by the participants from Brazil, Italy, Peru, Poland and Uruguay.

WTKF delegation members took also part in the seminars conducted by karate Masters from Japan including: Sensei Masanobu Sakugawa, Sensei Minoru Higa, Sensei Morio Higaonna and others.

The event was very professionally managed, exiting and vigorous competition, with plenty of quality performances. The participants have spent almost one week working hard to share their knowledge and perspectives on the roots and fundamentals with the representatives of another countries.

“The competition system they used (they perform only Kata) was really interesting and similar to the system we use into our rules. (…)

The most important observation from my side is how the Okinawan people are proud of their art and try to defend against the “Sport Karate” invasion concept. We could work with them to promote this concept worldwide.” – summarised Sensei Nelson Carrion – WTKF General Secretary, participant of visit to Okinawa.

Before the tournament, Nelson Carrion – WTKF General Secretary, and Andrzej Maciejewski – WTKF Vice-president, visited Tokyo where they met with Sensei Mikio Yahara – Chief Instructor and Founder of Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF). They discussed about the future cooperation between WTKF and KWF.

“We are going forward with our relations which started 1,5 years ago in Paris and then in Malta during the KWF World Cup. Very positive future to work for education and peace with Sensei Yahara who understand our message and intentions to build a better world by the Budo philosophy and traditional karate-do training.” – said Sensei Nelson Carrion.

Photo gallery: https://okinawa-karate.okinawa/en/oshirase/photo-gallery-updated/

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